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Secret Doors Decatur

Decatur has 30 Secret Doors tucked away for YOU to find! Each of these whimsical, “fairy”-size doors is a tiny art installation hand-crafted by a local artist. 

Whether you’re a kid (or a kid at heart), these miniature marvels add a dash of wonder to any day. Stumble upon them as you explore Decatur or make a dedicated day of finding them all. Solve riddles leading to the newest doors or follow the map.  It’s a fun, free scavenger hunt – perfect for summertime!

Inspired by “fairy doors” that first appeared around the world more than 100 years ago, the artists set out to create bits of whimsy for discovery in unexpected places all around Decatur. From hobbit-like portals to dreamy rainbow gateways, every door is a testament to the creativity thriving in Decatur. No two doors are the same. 

Hidden throughout Downtown Decatur and Decatur’s Oakhurst district, most doors are outside, welcoming exploration at any hour. A few are tucked away inside shops – like the one inside the Decatur Visitor Center. Remember, when searching for these whimsical wonders, always look low to the ground!

We’d love to see the creative photos you take with our Secret Doors. Tag us on Instagram and Facebook (@visitdecaturga)! 

Secret Doors Decatur isn’t just a project – it’s a community celebration of art, creativity, and the joy of discovery. Curated by the visionary Larry Holland and brought to life with a seed grant from The Decatur Arts Alliance, this magical endeavor is made possible with support from the Decatur Tourism Bureau.

Happy hunting! 🔎✨🚪

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