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Decorate Decatur Halloween 2023

In the Spooky Graveyard Contest, a dreadful space,

A cemetery emerged, winning first place,

Open caskets gaping, a gory delight,

Bloody crypts hidden, in the pale moonlight.

Mysterious mist, like spirits’ breath,

Enshrouded graves, embracing death,

Silhouettes of coffins, secrets concealed,

In this peculiar scene, fear was revealed.

Gravestones gleamed with an unearthly sheen,

In creepy crypts, nightmares were seen,

Spanish moss hung in the chilling air,

A haunting vision that left all in a scare.

With perfect lighting, the horror did chase,

In this masterpiece, claiming first place,

Where open caskets and crypts led the race,

A spine-chilling triumph, in that disturbing space.


2023 Winner

184 Mead Road

Outstanding Mentions

125 Hibernia Ave.

407 W. Pharr Rd.

Map of All Contestants
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